Ethical Black Friday

Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies

Would you like to learn how to create Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns for your slow fashion brand? Then the event that the Slow Innovation Brands team is preparing for November 14th is for you!


Many of you are excited about Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. You see these dates as an opportunity to boost your sales, we know. However, it is important to remember that the concept of sustainable fashion does not match the concept of overconsumption.


Why should you create Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns?


We all need to sell to keep our businesses alive. But we shouldn't urge our customers to buy what they don't need.


For a business to grow and remain in the market, you must to work with well-structured marketing campaigns from the beginning. To create this structure you will need to track your data, learning about your customer as much as possible.


But for a sustainable fashion brand, it's not enough to create campaigns that sell. The marketing strategy of your sustainable brand is related to the way you present yourself to your audience. Your marketing has to be compatible with your values as a maker and with your brand values.


That's why you should be careful when joining in campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most campaigns created during these dates refer to overconsumption. Which is totally contrary to the message that a sustainable fashion brand must send to the public.


If you are going to participate in these campaigns, you must create Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns.


How to create Sustainable and Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns?

Green Friday 

We know that for sustainable fashion startups creating an Ethical Black Friday Campaign can seem very complicated, as many of you don't know where to start.


Over the past 4 years, dozens of startups have been part of our mentoring program for slow fashion brands, The Slow Fashion Innovation Program. All this experience made us aware of all the challenges that new brands face in their first years in the market.


With that in mind, the Slow Innovation Brands team decided to create the remote event: Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday.    


During this event, we will share with you sustainable and ethical strategies for you to bring visibility to your brand during this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.            


The Ethical Black Friday and Cyber Monday online event will take place on November 14th, at 1.30 (Portugal time zone)


Registrations are free for our customers and can be made by emailing (until Friday, November, 12th). 


Do you want more information about this event and our services for sustainable fashion brands? Send us an e-mail or fill our survey for new potential collaboration and we will get back to you with a tailored solution for your project. 


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