Organic Cotton suppliers from Europe

Organic cotton suppliers from Portugal

The sourcing of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton is one of the main difficulties faced by sustainable fashion brands.

organic cotton supplier Portugal

Usually, GOTS-certified suppliers require very high MQO's, around 500 kg per color, which is not feasible for sustainable fashion startups.

Aware of this challenge, sourcing European suppliers of organic cotton has been one of Slow Innovation Brands' priorities since the beginning of our project in 2017.

On the Slow Innovation Brands platform, you will find a list of organic cotton suppliers in Portugal and Europe.

Slow Innovation Brands' platform was built to help designers and founders of sustainable fashion brands establish themselves in the market. There, in addition to our database of suppliers of sustainable and organic fabrics from Europe, such as organic cotton produced in Portugal, you can find the account of founders of other brands and can learn from the real experience of these sustainable fashion entrepreneurs.

On our platform, you will also find interviews and exclusive materials from organic cotton fabric suppliers in Portugal and Europe.

The annual subscription to the Slow Innovation Brands platform where you will find information about suppliers and organic cotton produced in Portugal and other organic fabrics produced in Europe costs only 120 EUR (10 EUR month).
With the subscription you will have access to all our content and will be able to see and review as many times as you want during a year, that's right, an entire year, without limits!

Visit the Slow Innovation Brands platform today and register to access our database of Portuguese and European suppliers of organic cotton fabrics.

If you are an already consolidated brand and are looking for more personalized service, with the sourcing and advice of exclusive materials and manufacturing for your brand, contact us and schedule a private meeting:

Our team of partners can follow you in all phases of your product development, from the design of the mood board and technical sheets to the knitting, prototyping, and production soucing.

Are you looking for another type of sustainable fabric? Leave in the comments the type of organic or recycled fabric you are looking for and we will inform you if we have suppliers for them in our affiliate program.

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