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Natural fabric Supplier: cork yarn applications in slow fashion

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Sustainable Fashion Innovation with consciousness

Slow Innovation Brands prioritize conscious innovation. Our goal is fashionable sustainability and circular design. This is not just another fashion course. We rely on the work between designers, Portuguese seamstresses, artisans, and scientists. We have promoted various meetings and working groups at Portuguese universities that are shared online for participants from all over the world.

We know that one of the challenges faced by sustainable brands is to find organic fabrics suppliers and natural textile obtained with eco-friendly techniques.

That's why at Slow Innovation Brands we encourage the slow fashion to try out new green materials so they can actually create sustainable innovation. The cork yarn, 100% made in Portugal, is one of these natural materials and it is for sale in our platform.

You can buy here the cork yarn!

Sustainable raw material

Cork is a great ecological and sustainable material. Vegetable, biodegradable, lightweight and highly insulating. After being discarded, it is rapidly absorbed into the environment with rapid decomposition. Is the perfect natural circular design.


Sustainable trendy 

The cork yarn is an ecological and sustainable innovation. It can be applied in creating various sustainable products, including clothing and circular interior design objects. Monica Gonçalves, one of the professors of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Program of Slow Innovation Brands, is the holder of the international patent for this ecological material.

Join us, discover and create new sustainable fabrics!

 Are interested in cork yarn and want to learn more about the applications you can do with it in the fashion ethics industry? Join our community of sustainable makers. You can join our team of students and researchers to learn more about sustainable fashion innovation by applying their knowledge to real products. Take this opportunity to learn from experts and create your sustainable fashion startup in Europe and Latin America! 

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