Banana Box: packaging from banana waste

Banana Box: packaging from banana waste

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Banana Box is part of the Slow Innovation Brands Community. Their concept has been shared with the students of our sustainable fashion mentoring program. Using banana waste, they offer a great sustainable solution for packaging. 

On what Banana Box is working on?

We intend to use a residue of the banana production, its pseudostem, as a substitute of the card, due to the high structural similarity between both materials. Banana Box is, therefore, the name of this concept: the "box" that contains all the possible applications of concretizing with the banana tree’s pseudostem.

We aim to replace the card in all its applications, being our initial product the boxes used to sell banana.

Why is important?

Each banana tree takes about two years to give a bunch of banana, after this the tree is cut, because it is no longer useful to the farmer. With our product, we will be reusing waste for the manufacture of a new product, respecting the principles of the circular economy. With this, we will create an alternative to the carton, implying a possible decrease in the number of trees cut, because of the pulp paper industry. We will also generate ecological and sustainable value for our consumers and increase the income of banana producers.

The pseudostem’s boxes have a lower weight and speed of inflammation than the card, as well as superior resistance, flexibility, and impermeability, proving to be a good alternative to the card.

Who is the team?

Our team is made up of 3 FCT NOVA master students:

- Bruno Fernandes, finalist of the master's degree in civil engineering. Has the ability to prospect and analyze the needs of the market, as well as knowledge about the characteristics of the materials.

- Stefan do Ó, finalist of the master's degree in mechanical engineering. Reveals the knowledge of industrial mechanics and computer science, the ability to initiate and manage conflicts, as well as the spirit of mutual help.

- Rosa Nascimento, finalist of the master's degree in biochemistry. Demonstrates biochemical and environmental knowledge, leadership skills and motivation, as well as negotiation, persuasion and communication skills.

We are young entrepreneurs, with team spirit, resilience and focus on achieving our goals!

How they collaborate with Slow Innovation Brands?

We collaborate with Slow Innovation Brands through the provision of classes by Rosa Nascimento at The Slow Fashion Innovation Program, about the banana production and possible applications of residues resulting from its production, mainly in the fashion industry. 

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