fashion sustainable development goals

Fashion and Sustainable Development Goals: what problems are your brand solving?

Is your fashion brand just one more among many, or is it helping to solve a problem and a real need in society?

fashion sustainable development goals

Many participants in The Slow Fashion Innovation Program come to us with the idea that their brand is unique and that there are not many sustainable fashion offerings on the market.

This is not true. Throughout the program they develop their market research and check with us that there are many offers on the market. Therefore the shortage of offers is not a real problem.

There are, however, many other problems that your brand can help solve. This requires drawing up an effective production plan based on the three pillars of sustainability.

What are the development goals that your brand is helping to solve?

The goals for sustainable development set by the United Nations for the next few years can be a great starting point for finding the problems that will help you solve.

Do you already know them? The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals can be found at this link. Here you will find 17 goals set by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030 that seek to improve living conditions on Planet Earth. Among the goals set is the improvement of access to education and health, water cleaning and more conscious consumption and production.

In The Slow fashion Innovation Program, we help you analyze if the products that your brand offers truly bring value to society.  Solve social problems and learn how to draw up a sustainable production plan for your brand to achieve the goals set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development.


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