Jewellery classes and silversmith in Lisbon

Jewellery classes and silversmith in Lisbon

jewelry classes in Lisbon

Where to find jewellery and silversmith classes in Lisbon?

Many of the brands created by students of The Slow Fashion Innovation Program are redeeming traditional knowledge and innovating in the creation of sustainable jewellery.

The brands created by Madu and Ana, both recent winners (after their participation in The Slow Fashion Innovation,) of national and international funds for their brands, are a good example of the combination of the old and the new techniques of making jewelry.  

Ana, Muza's Founder, has an extremely sustainable production plan and combines the local and social development through the knowledge of Cercipom artisans with 3D printing technology. The result is unique pieces, as you can see! 

Madu makes the union of the raw materials left by nature to combine with sophisticated materials such as silver and gold in unique designs created by her.

In addition to Ana and Madu, the new students of The Slow Fashion Innovation Program have also been interested in learning how to work with sustainable handmade jewelry. But where to find classes to learn how to make jewelry in Lisbon or in Portugal. There is a silversmith in Lisbon? How to contact them?

So many times we have heard this question from our students that we have prepared a list with the main places. Below you can find some of them. The complete list with more than 20 contacts of places where you can learn how to do handmade jewelry and silversmith in Portugal is available for all the participants of The Slow Fashion Innovation Program. We update this list in each new edition of the program and if you attended the previous editions you can ask for an update for free.

The Jewelry Center of Lisbon

CJLX was founded in 2012 and today is a reference in the formation of jewelry in Portugal. Offers high jewelry courses, CAD CAM Jewelry Design, and Micro Nailing. You will find more information on the courses that they offer on their website.


She has been a jeweler for five years and now she is offering workshops where she can share her knowledge and passion for how to make simple pieces from silver. You can check her work on her Instagram

Tivoli Hotel & Resorts

 Tivoli Hotel & Resorts also offers and hosts jewelry workshops in Lisbon. You can find more information on their website.

If you would like to find more information about places and specific materials we will be happy to help you in The Slow Fashion Innovation Program


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Good morning, i am seeking a jewellery design course. could you please send me some information about your courses and also the fee?

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