Organic linen supply in Europe

Organic linen supply in Europe

Do you have any questions about linen sourcing?

Organic linen Europe

The Slow Innovation Brands team is writing this article about linen. We prepare for another visit to the suppliers recommended by us to the designers attending The Slow Fashion Innovation Program. Organic linen is one of the top fabrics that we source.

Linen is one of the leading materials used by designers resident in our sustainable brand incubation program.

However, we realize that this material's choice is not always part of a careful reflection on its benefits. We find it essential to highlight some of these.

It is also essential to clarify the difficulties and the necessary care when choosing your supplier and the design in which the fabric will be used.

That is why we have prepared a series of articles to discuss the pros and cons of organic linen and give you indications about sourcing this material in Europe. The following is the sequence of publication of our articles:

  • The history of linen in the world, in Europe and Portugal (September, 21st)
  • Flax cultivation in Europe and Portugal (September, 28th )
  • Organic linen supply in Europe and Portugal: organic or conventional? (October, 5th)
  • Linen suppliers in Europe: linen certifications (October, 12th)
  • Organic fabric supplier in Europe: linen for sustainable fashion (October 19th). 

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Slow Innovation Brands has a partnership with European suppliers capable of supplying organic and non-organic flax in small quantities.

We have a platform for training and incubating sustainable brands and providing consultancy to entrepreneurs located in Europe. Access this link for more information or contact


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