Fashion design contests and startup competitions

Fashion design contests and startup competitions

Startups competitions and fashion design contests

fashion design contests

Slow Innovation Brands has several sustainable fashion courses, including an incubation program and mentoring of fashion startups.

Many of our alumni have won design contests with the projects they have developed with us. This allowed them to receive cash prizes and help with the production and industrialization of the ethical fashion collections created with us. Startups contests are a great incentive for sustainable brands and we, therefore, encourage you to participate in all that you have the opportunity.

If you are not familiar with fashion contests and entrepreneurship, we can assist you in the preparation of your applications. For students and alumni of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Program, this assistance is free.

Here it goes a few calls for startups and open competitions. Once per month, we will be sharing the new open call with our students. We hope you will compete and that you will be the winner of many of them. Count on us for all the support you need!

The TALENTS DE MODE competition

Deadline: April 23

What is the purpose of this fashion contest?

Encourage the economic and social development of fashion and design businesses in the Region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

Who can apply?

Any person, regardless of nationality, status, professional status, who speaks French or English. Participants must be over 18 years of age. Must be established as a company for less than 3 years or self-employment as of 2016. Must work in areas related to clothing, design, fabrics, accessories, etc.


First place (38,000 Euro) Innovation Award (22,000 Euro) Choice of the Jury (17,000 Euro) Choice of the public through social media (650 Euro)

More info here!

Cork empreende


Deadline: until April 30th

What is the purpose of this cork application contest?

Promoting entrepreneurship through the support of innovative business ideas that become the creation of new products or services, responding to an identified market need.

Who can participate?

New entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, entrepreneurs from existing companies (SMEs set up less than 2 years ago), with ideas capable of embedding new businesses and new companies.

Where should the project run?

North and Alentejo


€ 5,000 + Access to Seminars, Thematic Workshops, and actions of Mentoring and Coaching of entrepreneurs.

More info here!

Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019

Deadline: May 1

What is the purpose of this sustainable fashion competition?

Reward a new generation of designers with innovative ideas capable of contributing to the development of a more sustainable fashion industry. Expand awareness and education in ethical and ecological fashion for those who still do not know the concept of slow fashion.

Who can apply?

Ten designers or sustainable fashion brands will be rewarded, who are already creating innovative and sustainable products or that they plan to create in the future.

What is the value of the prize?

Two prizes will be awarded. One for the participant chosen by the audience in the amount of 1,000 Euro and another for the participant chosen by the jury in the value of 2,500 Euro.

More info here!

EEA Grants – Iceland Liechtenstein Norway Grants

Deadline: until May 17

What is the purpose of this contest?

Strengthen bilateral relations between Portugal and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Who can apply?

Public or private, commercial or non-profit entities. It includes civil society organizations, such as non-governmental organizations, legally established in Portugal.
Bilateral initiatives may be carried out in Portugal and/or Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway and should include partnerships with one or more donor country entities.

More info here!

The 14th Istanbul International Fabric Design Contest 2019

Deadline: June 10

Who can sign up for fabric design?

Anyone can apply for this contest, including textile industry professionals, university design and fashion students and people with no formal schooling. Fabric designers must present designs that can be applied to industrial production. Participants can submit up to 4 types of fabric design. They must be creative, original, and amenable to industrialization.

What is the value of the prize?

The three finalists of the competition will have the opportunity to visit the Première Vision Paris in February 2020 and will have access to 6 months of education in a foreign language. First place will receive a prize of 8,500 Euro, the second-placed a prize of 4,250 Euro and the third place will receive a prize of 2,125 Euro.

 More info here!

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We hope this information was useful for you. Once per month, we will be updating the list with new fashion grants. Sign up our newsletter to keep updated.  

If you still do not know the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Program, click here for more information and join today!

Do you have any suggestions? Write in the comments your suggestions for our future articles. We may write about what you suggest and we will let you know when it is published!

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