Sustainable Fashion Manufacturer Europe

Sustainable Fashion Manufacturer Europe

Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that now you can find on our platform a chapter with our recommended suppliers. 

To facilitate your choice for the best sustainable fashion manufacturers in Europe  we have created a section on our platform dedicated exclusively to the presentation of their profiles.

In this section, you can learn more about the certifications they have, about the services provided, the MQO's and much more. If you are already student access our platform to see the updated content and you who have not yet signed up, take advantage of the last days of April to subscribe for just 99 EUR / year. From May, our prices will be updated to 149 EUR / year.

Check bellow how our platform looks like: 

Sustainable Fashion ManufacturerSustainable Fashion Manufacturer Europe

Check bellow an introduction of one of our favorite suppliers located in Guimarães, Portugal. 

Location: Guimarães, Portugal.


✅ female and male wear

✅ underwear

✅ shoes (outsourced)

✅ baby clothes

✅ home deco (depending on the design)


✅ Flexible from 25 pcs per style (prices may change depending on the quantity)


✅ Product development guidance

✅ Tech packs

✅ Patterns

✅ Samples/Prototypes

✅ Production

✅ Labels

✅ Packaging

Fabric sourcing

✅ yes

Eco friendly Packaging

✅ yes

Eco friendly labels

✅ yes

Worked with designers from The Slow Fashion Innovation Program before?

✅ yes

Partnership with Slow Innovation Brands?

 yes, 5% discount for resident brands

This sustainable fashion manufacturer is located in Guimarães, in the northern region of Portugal. It is a medium-sized studio, run by a family, father, mother, and two brothers.

They has the support of 10 hired seamstresses. This sustainable fashion manufacturer also establish partnerships with outsourced suppliers and can offer a full service, from the development of patterns and prototypes to the manufacture of products on a scale.

Through a partnership that we developed with this sustainable fashion supplier from Portugal, they are also able to offer ecological labeling and packaging solutions so that your product comes out ready to be delivered to your customers.

This sustainable fashion manufacturer has collaborated with Slow Innovation Brands since the creation of our project in 2017 and has since produced for several brands in our program. If you want to talk to any of the other designers you have produced with them to get feedback on the services, we would be happy to put you in touch.

Through an exclusive partnership with Slow Innovation Brands, designers incubated in our program receive a 5% discount on services contracted with this factory and they accept flexible production MOQs, starting at 25 pieces per style.

If you are interested in knowing more about this and other sustainable fashion manufacturers located in Portugal and Europe join The Slow Fashion Innovation Program today! Click here to sign up

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