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Product Development Platform: production guide and suppliers database

Join our community of sustainable makers! 

At Slow Innovation Brands, our goal is to mediate and facilitate the connection and relationships between European brands and suppliers. When a brand is able to source suppliers close to its main markets it can reduce its greenhouse emissions and footprint. Also when designers do the manufacturer close to them, they are able to visit in person suppliers, promoting a more transparent supply chain. 

For these reasons, we created the Slow Innovation Brands Platform. In our platform, you will find a selection of recommended European suppliers to work with you. Our database is organized based on the industry categories and the needs of suppliers in different stages of product development. You will be able to talk and visit them before choosing each one would you like to work with. You also will find a selection of sustainable fabrics suppliers, with who you can connect directly or you can recommend for your chosen manufacturer.  In our platform you also will find: 

  • Masterclasses about Sustainable Product Development with industry experts: you will have access to video classes and exclusive interviews with European suppliers and successful CEOs from other sustainable fashion brands. 
  • Private Label: we are offering new private label services with different designs that can be customized by you with the features of your brand. 
  • Fabric Recommendations according to specific products: we know that for who is starting the process to choose the right fabric can be challenging. So we created a section with fabrics recommendations based on the type of product you are developing such as sustainable underwear, swimwear, activewear, etc. 
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric Library: where you can find sustainable fabric suppliers categorized according to their compositions ( such as hemp, linen, organic cotton, cupro, etc). On each supplier's page, you will find information about MOQ's, certificates, and contacts.
  • On our platform, you will also find the profile of suppliers for services such as mood board + color and fabrics sourcing; digital draws; measurement table + patterns, and prototyping.
  • Recommended manufacturing suppliers to meet different requirements according to MOQ's and product types. Suppliers are also categorized according to the type of product they make and their location. In each one's profile, you will find more information about MOQ's, location, product type, and certification. After choosing the supplier you want to contact, just leave a comment on their profile with a request for contact and we will introduce you and your project to our partners, requesting a budget for the production of your collection. 
  • Customization and crafts: we have also put together on our platform a list of suppliers of handicrafts such as natural dyes and embroidery so that you can customize your collection and support our local artisans.
  • Suppliers rating: From now on our recommended suppliers will be ranked on our platform, according to the experience and feedback of our members who worked with them, regarding quality, customer service, and sustainability. The goal is to help our members to make better choices considering the price, quality, and other criteria. 

The 1-year membership plan costs only 10 EUR/month (120 EUR a year) and gives you full access to our tailored content. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch: slowfashion.innovation@gmail.com

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